Q.  Do I have to wash glassware when hiring?

A.  No, glassware just needs to be rinsed and returned to the boxes provided.


Q.  How do I go about hiring a marquee for my daugters' 18th birthday party ?

A.  Let us know the space you have available so we can recommend a marquee for the party.

    As our marquees come in 3 meter, 6 meter, 8 meter or 10 meter widths and then the marquee can be as long as needed.

    So measure the free area you have available.  Please tell us if the marquee can be pegged or if it has to be weighted -  there is a difference in cost.  


Q.  I am holding a small get together on the week-end and only need a couple of tables and chairs.  When can I collect from your warehouse ? 

A.  To make things easy for you so you have time to get set up on the Saturday, no problems at all collecting on the Friday or Thursday.  


Q.  What information do I need to let you know for a marquee to be installed at our home ?

A.  Firstly we need to know the available area you have  -   what free space you have.

     Can the marquee be pegged into grass or does it need to be weighted?

     Is the ground flat or is it slopping ?    Is there easy access to where the marquee is going ?   To install a marquee access is needed as close to the actual site as

    possible.   Often this involves a truck delivery  -  is there a driveway or area for the truck to come up onto the site.

    We recommend a site inspection, which can be organised at your convenience.  We need to know the physical address / location and full knowledge of the site

    for installation prior to preparing your quote.